Protect yourself from viruses and bacteria

Measure radiation

Disinfect the air

Disinfect objects

Disinfect surfaces

At Pebblex, we like to have you close and, above all, listen to you. There is nothing more valuable than knowing you.

We are born as part of our older brother, Stonex, and that supports us with 41 years of experience in the professional lighting sector. If something defines us, it is quality, innovation, experience and, of course, lighting. 

We distribute, we are partners of our clients and we give ultraviolet lighting solutions for any sector. 

Easy. Tell us what you need and we will always look for how we can help you. 

We have a team dedicated to finding solutions


Our equipment and processes meet the highest quality and safety standards

At Pebblex, we only work with premium and certified brands. To do this, we have the appropriate certifications for UV-C disinfection and we have carried out studies on the effectiveness and safety of our equipment. 

In compliance with UNE 0068

Microorganism reduction study

External radiation emission tests

Why choose us?

Because we are by your side when you need it. From advice to after-sales service. 

Support and maintenance

A technical and commercial team is at the disposal of your project, in the Spanish territory and with an After-Sales Service of more than 300m².

Premium Brands

We only work with brands that meet all quality standards. Our partners are an international guarantee of excellence, technology, innovation and quality.

Engineering and R&D

We develop new solutions to anticipate the future. We work on the development, execution, start-up and maintenance of projects with personalized attention.


Thanks to the continuous training of our team, we advise you according to your needs and inform you of the latest trends in the sector.

What our customers say

"One of our surprises was the simplicity in the installation and use of the device. Normally we manage the device through its remote control, which not only facilitates its use, but also gives us the security of avoiding possible errors to expose ourselves."
Public institution
Municipality Serna del Monte
"Thanks to the security that ultraviolet disinfection provides, we can guarantee our audience and team their health and tranquility."
Technical director
Rojas Theater
"The use of certified air disinfection equipment offers us the guarantee of improving the safety of our spaces and our patients in a simple way."
Dr. Victor Begara
Chloe Clinic